Data driven ways of working with Matt Evans

Have you ever wondered what happens when you have real – time data at your fingertips and how it impacts decision making, organisational culture and governance  ? In this episode of let’s talk Matt and I discuss data driven ways of working and driving data through organisational culture. Matt shares his insights and expertise on supporting leaders to become more data savvy and using data to drive performance and improvement.

The main insights you will get from this episode are :

  • data-driven decision-making within an organisation requires the right technology and timing as well as trust – management must demonstrate willingness in all these areas
  • (digital) employees must be empowered to make decisions away from central management and be given full access to all available data
  • transparency around data is vital and requires more in-depth understanding of the perceived risks, benefits and governance (i.e. ownership) of data 
  • companies should share data as opposed to hoarding it if they wish to push ahead with digital transformation
  • post-COVID, companies should use data differently to adapt quickly to rapid change and generate momentum by actively engaging employees in the data conversation

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