The role of a coaching culture in times of crisis with Gillian Jones

In this week’s episode of let’s talk Gillian and I discuss the role of a coaching culture in times of crisis. We explore what a coaching culture is, what it brings and how you can support your people and organisation in the transformation towards a more collaborative learning culture. Gillian shares her insights and wealth of experience from organisations big and small across the globe.

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • an effective coaching culture requires managers to embrace the mindset of coaching their employees rather than just learning skills / assigning training / conducting performance reviews
  • coaching contracts must have both structure and methodology yet abide by ethics and allow scope for coaching to be adaptable to individual journeys
  • focus on bringing people together to have courageous conversations, facilitate grass-roots change and ensure continuous improvement across the board
  • create an empowering workplace, not a blame culture, to foster innovation and engagement
  • COVID offers opportunities for companies to boost their productivity and efficiency by embedding a coaching culture: managers truly supporting their teams and opening up dialogue to include personal issues such as mental health, thereby demonstrating their empathy and genuine interest in their people
  • there is no one-size-fits-all approach but accountability, creativity, practical coaching tools and reflective listening should be used to include everyone in the organisation 

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