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What we do

Transformation is at the heart of what we do. Our philosophy is ‘learning by doing’; while we have a strong grounding in theory, our focus is on the client’s specific needs. After all, theory is one thing, but practice is often quite another !

Discover more about our mission to help organisations and leaders understand ‘human systems’ so that they can create sustainable change and bring about cultural transformation.


We believe in taking a holistic approach to transformation. We partner with business leaders to better understand their readiness for change and the challenges this brings. We then look at how to create moment to deliver this change.


We believe in understanding the dynamics at play and supporting our clients in piloting new approaches and behaviours. We use diagnostics to test hypotheses, measure them and build a series of tangible results as part of the experience. 


We use the results from the pilot phase to scale capabilities, tools and processes to allow employees to become ambassadors of the new behaviours. This in turn results in collective and sustainable change across the organisation.  

What we offer


Working together with clients to generate momentum and strategies for change within their organisation

  • Change readiness analysis and transformation strategy
  • Understanding resistance to change
  • Examining cultural aspects of change 


Designing bespoke small-scale pilots that connect people’s potential to produce tangible results.

  • Defining pilot populations and approaches 
  • Measuring the ROI of transformation
  • Creating communities for change


Developing creative system approaches and tailored tools to engender a learning culture and bring about lasting change.

  • Executive coaching, individual coaching and team coaching
  • Scaling communities of practice to drive collective momentum
  • Helping leaders become ambassadors of Agile change

Tailored programs

Design for Inclusion


WOMEN, Ignite
your Leadership

Human Systems Practitioner 

Coming soon : Feb 2021 

Our purpose

Transforming organisational culture: bringing out the best in people to bring out the best in your business.

At the heart of Transform for Value is a passion for people and the value they can bring to businesses. For individuals and organisations to flourish, it’s critical that people are comfortable with and embrace the speed of an increasingly digital and connected world. But such change is rarely easy. That is why we are always striving to find innovative ways of equipping people with the skills and mindset to successfully deliver and ‘live’ the change. We strongly believe that if people are to be truly motivated, they need to enjoy what they do, understand the value they bring and know how to get the most out of it for both personal satisfaction and to help achieve organisational objectives.

Suzie Lewis

Founder and Managing Director of Transform for Value

Suzie is a global business leader and executive coach with extensive experience of international transformation projects and preparing business leaders and employees for change. During 20 years in the aeronautical industry, she oversaw flagship projects and numerous teams big and small encompassing leadership, coaching and culture change; digital transformation and innovation; strategy, governance and deployment; HR, recruitment, sourcing and employment marketing; diversity and inclusion; talent management; supply chain management and logistics; lean and Agile methodologies; change management and operational deployment.

Suzie is an experienced and highly regarded facilitator, change ambassador and keynote speaker. She is committed to making a difference and driving change in the constantly evolving business landscape.


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Building and leading agile ecosystems

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Sustainable transformation : Bridging the gap between digital and human

Sustainable transformation : Bridging the gap between digital and human

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Fighting COVID with collaboration

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