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At the heart of “Transform for Value” is a passion for people and the value they can bring to business. We work constantly to bridge the gap between digital and human for better performance, collaboration and wellbeing.

Creating sustainable transformation

I’m Suzie Lewis – Founder & Managing Director of Transform for Value, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Change Ambassador, and Keynote Speaker – and I am committed to helping organisations recentre for success with systems designed for collaboration and inclusion.

I am a global business leader with over 20 years’ experience and specialising in leadership and transformation. Observing, understanding, and driving global transformation initiatives inspired me to launch Transform for Value to share my learnings and guide others to create more sustainable culture change.

My mission is to free organisations from rigid management models that isolate people and stall productivity. Many aspects must align in order to transform an organisation, and while tech, tools, process and systems are essential, people must come first.

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What we offer

We specialise in transformation strategies, programmes and coaching services to help you co-create the transformation you want to achieve and have (access to) a high-quality global network of coaches and consultants.

Coaching for individuals and teams

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Understand drivers and patterns, question assumptions, overcome limiting beliefs and view business challenges through a different lens to get different results.
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Strategic consulting and tailored learning solutions

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Co-create customised learning experiences and innovative solutions for building powerful communities of change and different ways of working and leading.
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Human Systems Practitioner programme

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Discover the different elements of human systems, share your thoughts and challenges, and co-design new solutions and approaches to building a more inclusive and collaborative culture.
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Design for Inclusion

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This programme uses different perspectives, cognitive methods and tools for us to better understand and act on our biases, our environment and on the experience we create for people.
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Keynote speaking

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Visual, energetic and impactful interventions on pivotal topics for sustainable transformation. Interactive and fun sessions for memorable learning.
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Dynamic, safe and evolving community space to share thoughts, ideas and get different perspectives
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Our Inspiration

Inspiration is the starting point of any transformation and drives creativity and innovation.

Let's talk Transformation podcasts

“Let’s Talk Transformation…” is a series of podcasts to share learning, insight and experience on transformational topics.

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A range of insights from engaged leaders and change makers around the world.

Thoughts on human systems

A space to exchange on the shift from ego to eco, and share tips and learnings on building organisational courage

Human Systems Practitioner programme

Are you looking to build and lead agile ecosystems more effectively? Learn more about our Human Systems Practitioner programme here.

Stories of impact

Joining the Human Systems Practitioner programme has been such an enriching experience. It’s helped me think differently in so many ways – about myself and how I engage with work; about the people around me and how I can work with them more effectively and about the wider systems change I’m looking to deliver.​
Janine Woodward-Grant
Janine Woodward-Grant​
Deputy CEO at Carers'​ Centre Bath and North East Somerset​

During the HSP programme we were able to learn methodologies and paradigms which I didn't even know existed and concepts that were so far away from my day-to-day activities that all of this helped me broaden, by far, my knowledge. I'm overall delighted to have participated in this programme and now being able to call myself a Human Systems Practitioner.​
Floris Panco
Floris Panico
Principal digital and innovation consultant, FPT software​

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