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About us

Transformation is at the heart of what we do. Our philosophy is ‘learning by doing’; while we have a strong grounding in theory, our focus is on the client’s specific needs.


We believe in taking a holistic approach to transformation and partner with business leaders to better understand their challenges, then together build a successful strategy to deliver the change needed.


We offer tailored coaching for individuals and groups to support them in understanding and encouraging different behaviours and ways of working

Learning solutions

We work closely with clients to define and create learning solutions to fit their transformation needs, keeping a central focus on how it impacts on organisations’ most important resource: its people.

What we offer


Working together with clients to create successful strategies to deliver sustainable organisational change.

  • Supporting organisations in transformation strategies and deployment
  • Supporting organisations in adapting to a more connected environment
  • Conferences and keynotes


We tailor sessions to unlock potential and ideas both individually and collectively across the organisation.

  • Individual coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Executive coaching

  • Agile coaching

Learning Solutions

This is about more than ‘classroom learning’. We develop tailored tools to help build the organisation’s learning culture.

  • Developing leadership programmes and approaches
  • Accompanying leaders in complex change

  • Change readiness analysis

Suzie Lewis

Founder and Managing Director of Transform for Value

Our purpose

Opening organisational culture: helping individuals to become agents of change with a genuine sense of purpose.

At the heart of Transform for Value is a passion for people and the value they can bring to businesses. For individuals and organisations to flourish, it’s critical that people are comfortable with and embrace the speed of an increasingly digital and connected world. But such change is rarely easy. That is why we are always striving to find innovative ways of equipping people with the skills and mindset to successfully deliver and ‘live’ the change. We strongly believe that if people are to be truly motivated, they need to enjoy what they do, understand the value they bring and know how to get the most out of it for both personal satisfaction and to help achieve organisational objectives.

Suzie is a global business leader and executive coach with extensive experience of international transformation projects and preparing business leaders and employees for change. During 20 years in the aeronautical industry, she oversaw flagship projects and numerous teams big and small encompassing leadership, coaching and culture change; digital transformation and innovation; strategy, governance and deployment; HR, recruitment, sourcing and employment marketing; diversity and inclusion; talent management; supply chain management and logistics; lean and Agile methodologies; change management and operational deployment.

Suzie is an experienced and highly regarded facilitator, change ambassador and keynote speaker. She is committed to making a difference and driving change in the constantly evolving business landscape.



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Sustainable transformation : Bridging the gap between digital and human

Sustainable transformation : Bridging the gap between digital and human

One of the most frequently asked questions is “why do digital transformation initiatives fail? »
Listen here to find out more about the different elements and to more about one of the biggest reasons : people and their reaction to change. Digital transformation is not a project as such, but a culture change, and as with all change, it is predominantly about people, not technology.

Fighting COVID with collaboration

Fighting COVID with collaboration

How to manage the post lockdown reality ? This article captures the learnings and collective thoughts from collective sessions with leaders on the impact of COVID, and the new scenarios post lockdown for leaders, business and the future of work. How can organisations start thinking about the hybrid models of the future workplace.

COVID : Finding a clear path through the Pandemic

COVID : Finding a clear path through the Pandemic

This article explores simple and effective ways that leaders can continue to create clarity amidst the crisis. This global imposed « learning by doing” experiment is providing a stage, and as isolation and a digital way of life become the new norm, how do we bridge the gap between the human and the digital aspects ? How do we draw up an action plan for future focused strategy ?

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