Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Our fast-moving digital world requires bold new approaches. We must do away with old habits and embrace change if we are to thrive, both individually and collectively.

We help both groups and individuals to question their assumptions and navigate the increasing complexity and uncertainty that characterise today’s workplace.

Individual coaching

Many teams now work both virtually and face-to-face across more traditional organisational structures, in different locations and in a working language which is not necessarily their first language. This all adds to the complexity of (effective) collaboration.

We provide observations, feedback and coaching to take the pieces of the puzzle apart so that we can put them back together in a way that enables human systems to thrive.

Individual Coaching
Group Coaching

Group coaching

We coach teams and the wider organisational system with an emphasis on the relational patterns that underpin collaboration. We help teams and communities create the basic conversations to develop healthy relationships, trust and empathy. We help teams to understand what is really going on by looking at how they act, interact, and more importantly, how they collaborate.

This often means working on the implicit elements of team culture to uncover existing assumptions, patterns and challenges, as well as reframing these to discover opportunities. We peel the onion one layer at a time to understand how to create a more agile and open way of working.

Hybrid working models see many teams working together both in person and on screen. This means that teams can literally span the globe and find themselves in completely different geographical locations and conducting business in a language that isn’t necessarily their first language. All this puts an added burden on collaborative work, but one that we maybe don’t see straight away. And this is where we come in: we offer objective input, tools, skills and coaching that help bring everyone together.