"Are you ready to rip up the rule book in the way you develop your culture ? " What is getting in the way of a great experience and how do we change that ? In this episode of Let's talk Ben and I discuss the employee experience and what it means moving forward, particularly in the post pandemic environment.

Ben shares his insights, research and expertise on these fascinating questions.

The main insights you'll get from this episode :

  • Employee experience changes everything about the way we develop businesses
  • The employee experience is about human beings not technology, and is led from within
  • company culture must be re-examined, not only in the wake of COVID but also for the benefit of all within an organisation
  • improvements require both technological and, most importantly, human input, as well as sponsorship from the top
  • a human-centred, long-term approach is vital for future success as everyone seeks to improve their experience of working
  • The power of a change of mindset, empathy and trust to foster adaptability and transparency and build solid foundations for positive outcomes in the future

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