Human Systems Practitioner programme

This is a programme designed to master building and leading human ecosystems effectively. In order to accelerate digital transformation, we have created a practitioner role to support businesses and accompany them in driving a more collaborative culture.

Human systems practitioner principles

How are you going to design your system?

Watch here to get more insights into designing your system for sustainable change.

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How you learn

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Programme details

The programme is built on a 3-step model and is divided into 6 different modules, including 16 videos and a case study from your current work environment. There are dedicated group sessions as well as a specific leadership evaluation to ensure targeted learning on specific points.

This structure creates a self-paced learning space combined with interactive workshops to allow for assimilation, experimentation and headspace for reflection between modules.

The Human Systems Practitioner playbook will accompany you throughout the programme allowing you to document your thoughts, learnings and commitments to change.

Human Systems Practitioner play book

What will I get from this programme?


An awareness of ‘where you are’ and ‘where you feel your organisation is’ in terms of systems readiness, as well as an understanding of who you are as a leader and how you can take people with you to lead this journey more effectively.

Human systems

An understanding of the different elements that make up human systems, how to build trust and agile communities, and how to deliberately design for a more inclusive and collaborative culture.

Tools and approaches

A holistic set of tools and approaches to help you on this journey, as well as a community of practice with other practitioners for continued sharing and learning as the topic and the workplace evolve.

Part 1: Managing the system

In these 2 modules we concentrate on our individual system in our given environment and how this translates into the collective system in which we currently live and work:

  • Understanding and visualising your systems (internal and external)
  • Understanding governance and positioning
  • Understanding the mechanics of change
  • Understanding the learn/unlearn/relearn paradigm
  • Understanding the role of culture in the system
HSP Module 1

Part 2: Deliberately developing systemic leadership

HSP Module 2

In these 2 modules we concentrate on the new paradigm for leadership that a more interconnected work environment requires. We will constantly look at leadership skills from both perspectives: individual leadership (i.e. “me as a leader”) and collective leadership.

  • Understanding and evaluating the skills needed for systemic leadership
  • Understanding how to apply these different leadership skills individually and collectively
  • Understanding the foundational building blocks of an inclusive system
  • Gaining the confidence and skills to manage the voices in the system for more impact
  • Building collective purpose and sustainable organisational effectiveness.

Part 3: Becoming a systems catalyst

In these 2 final modules we concentrate on how to use what we have learnt to create momentum for change in the system. There will be a real case study project, and we’ll focus once again on understanding the skills needed both individually and collectively to coach your organisation to a different level of maturity:

  • Understanding the levers for change we have in the existing system
  • Understanding how to manage and leverage multiple perspectives in the everyday environment
  • Understanding and practicing different ways to facilitate and coach people to a different level of maturity
  • Gaining the confidence and skills to inspire people and take them with us on the journey
  • Building and scaling communities of practice for lifelong learning.
HSP Module 3

Who is it designed for

Meet Cecilia who talks about being a human systems practitioner and doing exactly that.

Anne Testimony about Human System Pratictionner
Nicolas Gonduoin testimony about Human System prtactitionner
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Come and discover the different elements of human systems, share your thoughts and challenges, and co-design new solutions and approaches to building a more inclusive and collaborative culture.

Systems thinking is never simple, but it is necessary for understanding the complexity of creating culture change at a holistic level. Humans aren’t simple either but creating a shared human experience at work is pivotal to competitive advantage, productivity and well-being.

This programme is about taking that as a starting point and using different perspectives, approaches, tools and methods to better understand ourselves, our environment and the experience we create for people at work.

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