Be less Zombie : How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people with Elvin Turner

Elvin Turner

“What is that they’re doing that is so different ? What can we learn from the unicorns ? “

In this episode of let’s talk, Elvin and I have a great conversation on implementing, driving and scaling innovation in organisations. We discuss the need for innovation to be integrated back into the overall business strategy, how to calibrate culture for outcomes, and the need for leaders to learn to let go of the status quo to allow organisations to build more capability and space for innovation and continuous change to thrive. 

Elvin shares his research, insight and experience from working with organisations of all types across the globe.

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • innovation is the future and all organisations must think this way to succeed; leaders must choose to show a veritable commitment to it if they are to demonstrate good stewardship, and this involves asking questions and examining capabilities
  • leaders must show the way by funding and rewarding innovation, offering a safe space for people to try out their ideas, whether they succeed or fail; after all, innovation is all about courage, embracing the unknown and looking to the future
  • how to innovate is a difficult question to answer, but it starts with defining a strategy, then a process, then practical tools for implementation; it is ultimately a process of continuous change
  • Strategic drivers are at the heart of a framework for “turning on” innovation in an organisation
  • ‘old school’ approaches, all too common within big organisations, no longer cut it and the will must exist to change the organisation’s outlook, starting at grass roots level with leaders encouraging and welcoming any and all good, albeit unusual, proposals
  • the focus should be on creating innovators internally, and large companies could learn a lot from their born-digital counterparts, which thrive on exploring and thinking ‘outside the box’
  • the culture of an organisation is likewise critical to success; it must be anticipatory, adventurous, creative and supportive yet also realistic, which means holding fast to future innovation plans

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