Sprinting for impact with Robert Skrobe

In this episode of let’s talk, Robert and I discuss design sprinting,  how design sprints can be used to establish human connection, and the overriding aim to create impact and engage people around a particular topic on a global scale. We also discuss how this is changing to adapt to the virtual space and explore the different skills sets necessary to facilitate this process, to allow creativity and bring people together to collaborate more effectively. 

Robert shares his insights on design sprinting and his experience from carrying out design sprints virtually and otherwise in organisations big and small. 

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • design sprints (DS) are all about bringing people together, and the COVID-expedited shift to virtual working functions well here given that the overriding aim is to create impact and engage people on a global scale
  • virtual design sprints showcase both people and their skills and strive for cross-collaboration and innovation, focusing on skills and learning, and thereby engendering camaraderie and respect amongst the participants
  • the GVDS event-based programme uses both online and asynchronous offline work and can adapt very easily to changing circumstances, offering the right solution for the right people, at the right time
  • the DS process is based on a structured template that has matured and grown organically over time to provide what people need: overwhelmingly the human connection – it is all about creating relationships and making people feel comfortable, both with each other, in the virtual space and with the tools they are using
  • DS rely on a good facilitator, maybe also a co-facilitator with a complementary skillset, to make the best use of the online resources and to encourage people to experiment with, improve on and integrate the components of the process that work for them

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