#Time4Humanity with Samie Al-Achrafi

“The digital age confronts us with one of the most important questions of all, which it seems after 200 000 years we ‘re still unprepared to tackle, and that is what does being human mean ?”

In this episode of Let’s talk Samie and I discuss the growing and urgent need to bring more humanity to business. The onset of digital continues to underline the need for us to look at how we understand our collective role in humanity, and how we hold multiple perspectives to practice more conscious leadership and create an environment where humans can thrive. 

Samie generously shares his rich experience and insight from his work with businesses big and small from around the globe. . 

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • the key role of inclusion in building a healthy culture for people to thrive going forward. 
  • being conscious, or aware, and indeed present is vital for achieving powerful and authentic human connections and relationships, as well as for demonstrating empathy and conscious leadership
  • lasting change is difficult and gradual, and requires open and honest conversations, things that are easily forgotten in our fast-moving, constantly connected digital world
  • COVID has affected the entire planet – what greater opportunity could there be to bring people together, create something good from something bad and make us all global citizens by thinking collectively, acting humanely and aligning our values to strive for a healthy culture and a better, more inclusive world for all?
  • transformation first requires people to change, to be courageous and break away from the pack, and to take small steps in which others can follow; 
  • we would all do well, as leaders and individuals, to slow down and take time for reflection in order to bring about a positive ‘cultural’ and mindset shift and to make the best decisions we can

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