Coaching through transformation and uncertainty with Brian Chaloner

Do you ever wonder how to support your peers and team through these uncertain times ? In this episode of Let’s talk Brain and I discuss the power of coaching in uncertain times and how it can help leaders remain grounded and future focused. Brian shares his insights and experience on coaching leaders, peers and employees through uncertainty to allow them to carry on driving behavioural change in their organisations.

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • The importance of creating a safe space where people can resource themselves but also be challenged
  • Ensuring a solid foundation for the ‘here and now ‘ is key to providing a platform for future thinking
  • How you interact and engage with the information you have is key
  • Demonstrating the value you get from the coaching process is key to creating a strengths-based learning culture
  • Allow people the time to take on board what’s happening and go back to basics in a shifting reality

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