Women in leadership and transforming systems with Angela Philp

“I get out of bed in the morning because I have a commitment that is bigger than me.. “

In this episode of let’s talk Angela and I have a fun and insightful conversation about women in leadership and their role in leading transformation. The current pandemic has witnessed women leading transformation and systems, with a different and more effective leadership based on empathy and resilience. We need to actively build on this. We discuss the fact that all transformation starts with commitment, and how important your “why” is to what you do, and how you can use it to increase the power of the change you can enact in systems – both individual internal systems and external organisational systems . We also look at the effect of organisational culture and its unwritten codes on the way we lead, and finding our tribe to use different perspectives to push in the same direction and create things that are bigger than us.

Angela shares her experience, insight and methodology on unlocking the potential of women in leadership and helping to create gender parity more sustainably in organisations.

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • encouraging women to be inspired, alive, trust themselves, take control, bring about change and speak out as half the population of the world to further the cause of equality together
  • all transformation begins with commitment, in this case to gender parity, bringing out every woman’s potential, encouraging women to use their voice for themselves and for others who need to hear it
  • the process of rising requires collaboration for the greater good, finding a tribe and challenging established systems and safety mechanisms by taking risks as opposed to ‘playing safe’
  • (not only female) leaders must be at cause, that is to say, they must take responsibility, take back control, embrace their power and purpose, create their own experience, change the future course
  • this is not achieved alone, only together with others to learn from and exchange different opinions with in order to move forward, effect meaningful change and innovate
  • transformational leadership relies on making a contribution to a greater mission, on integrity and on a holistic approach to leaders as people who trust their nudges

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