We are at a pivotal moment for understanding the value of data as well as the role of the Chief Data Officer in shifting organisational culture. This world is moving more and more quickly. 

In this week's episode of let's talk Peter and I discuss the evolution of data in today’s organisations’ and the move from data governance to data intelligence. The high profile of data has been further boosted by the current pandemic, and we discuss how organisations, their culture and their governance, are adapting to these rapid changes. We also dive deeper into the ever changing role of the Chief Data Officer and the most important skills they need to drive understanding & change sustainably through the organisation.. 

Peter shares his insights,  research and wealth of experience on both the strategic and tactical perspectives of data driven organisations, and the future role of the Chief Data Officer in this transformation. 

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • the prevalence of data nowadays means there is a need to share experiences of and offer assistance with all things data and its management
  • the high profile of data has been 'boosted' further by COVID - as trusted evidence, it underpins important decision-making; data awareness overall is far greater than before
  • GDPR plus the ubiquity of data-driven companies such Google, Amazon, Netflix has elevated the status of data, and, more specifically, sound data, everywhere, and nowhere moreso than within organisations
  • Chief Data Officers (CDO) have a vital and pivotal role to play in both communicating with and educating the workforce to bring about a change of culture that embraces data and digital solutions - this role requires great resilience, coupled with the ability to think and act both tactically and strategically 
  • it is important to understand the difference between data and digital: sound and trusted data forms the basis for creating digital platforms for engagement, user experiences, etc. 
  • data risk and data governance are now recognised as crucial to successful digital transformations, which are often spearheaded by CDOs but require the financial backing, commitment and understanding of management as well as the full support of other colleagues
  • data and data science are the building blocks of the future and, as such, are extremely powerful and sought-after, but must be carefully managed in order to be successfully leveraged
  • data maturity assessments help companies understand where they are on their digital journey, where they are going, how they intend to get there and how they will keep up in such a fast-moving world

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