Transforming through fearless leadership with Deborah Abbot Moulin

2020 has been challenging, but also a real opportunity for leaders to look inside and ask themselves some bigger questions.. “

In this episode of Let’s talk, Debs and I discuss leading fearlessly and how transformative it can be. We discuss showing up authentically, and what that means in terms of the “negotiables” and “non-negotiables” for you and the organisation. We explore demystifying organisational culture and understanding how you manage your energy not only to enable and co-create smarter working environments, but also to manage the other extremes such as heavy governance and excessive collaboration that can drain such energy from the system. It is time to move the needle on existing leadership paradigms and for leaders to boldly move into their values,  and start encouraging more courageous and curious thinking, and lead fearlessly towards a more inclusive, purposeful and collective environment. 

Debs shares her wealth of insight, experience, and thought leadership on from working with organisations across the globe. 

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • not only leaders but individuals too must challenge the status quo to change organisational culture and move away from conditioned behaviour and fear-based thinking
  • we must all be authentic, raw and real in our emotions and lived experiences: COVID has offered all of us the opportunity to ask questions and both look inside and reconnect with our true selves
  • humans are designed to work together but excessive collaboration and heavy governance are restrictive and organisations should aim to create a smarter working environment
  • change requires commitment from all participants and a demonstrable ability to work ‘in the moment’, to constantly redefine boundaries and to manage and master their own energy
  • fearless leadership needs tremendous resources and energy; COVID has stripped away resources and left us to look instead at what we can co-create ourselves by connecting with like-minded people
  • injecting humanity back into organisations begins with self-care – if individuals focus on respect, acceptance, non-judgement and kindness, the world of work would be a very different place 
  • there will always be difficulties to overcome; the trick is to approach them collectively and be curious and courageous enough to foster learning, awareness and bold experimentation.

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