The changing face of coaching with Frederic Funck

“Coaching is dead, long live coaching ! “

In this week’s episode of let’s talk Fred and I discuss the changing practice of coaching and the way coaching is morphing at all levels of the organisation. We look at the move towards a more hybrid model, and from individual to systems coaching. We also discuss the changing philosophy of work and the different role of the mental and technical game for leaders in changing the business landscape to create a more innovative and agile working environment. Fred shares his rich experience, insights and research on the future role of coaching in organisations.

The main insights you will get from this episode : 

  • the entire coaching industry is changing as a result of (digital) transformation across the board – it is now about platforms / IT and more “systems coaching”
  • there is a need for more industry-specific coaching with ‘insider business knowledge’ as well as coaching skills to offer more insight and enable agile coaching and coaching for innovation in the business environment
  • the use of platforms changes how we steer our investment and platform-based coaching programmes are becoming more and more prevalent. 
  • these platforms provide organisations (and HR functions) with valuable data to reveal hidden dynamics, provide learning records and offer a solid foundation for talent roadmaps, also offering an aspect of sustainability in a fast-moving world
  • the emotional appeal and the “heart-set” is far more important than the cognitive appeal when coaching transformation. 
  • increased coaching conversations build a learning environment for all and offer leverage for ROI
  • nudge technology will undoubtedly feature in the future of coaching for the benefit of all, both collectively and individually.
  • the ability to understand networks and how they shape, form and function in organisations is going to be key to competitive advantage
  • be the “challengers” not the consumers of coaching

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