The art of transformative facilitation and beyond with Keith Jones and Tessa Sharp

Now more than ever, leaders have to be clear as to how their best selves can show up with all their stakeholders, and how they are ‘being’ as leaders.

In this episode of let’s talk Keith, Tessa and myself discuss the art of transformative facilitation and it’s place in today’s business world.  We discuss the orthodoxies of facilitation, the role of dialogue in organisational culture and facilitating the shift from ‘doing leadership’ to ‘being’ a leader and facilitating this shift for sustainable transformation. Keith and Tessa share their methodology,  insights and rich experience on this subject.

Here are the main insights you’ll get from this episode :

  • transformative learning is about making leaders into effective facilitators so that they can bring about courageous conversations and foster dialogue
  • In many cases facilitation gets in the way of learning happening as both facilitator and learner are unwilling to take the uncomfortable step
  • all must recognise their individual contexts and strengths, and feel able to express any thoughts they might have without judgement
  • businesses can only be transformed if those leading it are similarly transformed by leaving behind bias and orthodox management ‘structures’
  • the process of learning is internal and very individual; all concerned must embrace each other’s differences and personal potency to bring about convergence
  • The shift from driving the organisation through a structured process into recognising when there’s a need to focus on the ‘being-ness’ of being a leader is key
  • One of the key characteristics needed for facilitators today is courage – the courage to step in
  • learning goes way beyond business, it is about helping humanity by forming communities, sharing knowledge and demonstrating generosity of spirit

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