The E-Suite with Neal Frick

“As we navigate the post-COVID landscape, the need for intentionally empathetic leadership has never been clearer..”

Neal and I delve into the profound impact of empathy on cultivating thriving workplace cultures and how we can scale this skill, particularly at more senior levels of the organisation.

Empathy is often referred to as a ‘soft skill’ but is actually one of the hardest to enact and is more than a soft skill—it’s a strategic advantage. Executives and leaders who embrace empathetic practices are witnessing tangible benefits in business metrics, marketing, and branding.

We discuss debunking common myths about leadership and collaboration in organisations and conclude that it’s time to challenge the status quo and embrace the paradigm shift. Engaging in courageous conversations, addressing conflicts with sensitivity, and creating a shared vision through empathetic confrontation can be powerful and strategic tools for organisational transformation.

Neal shares his experience, insights and research from his book ‘the E suite’ and from his operational daily life as CEO of Cybercore Technologies.

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