In this episode of let's talk Christine and I discuss how to design inclusively with and for your customers.

Customer centricity is key for all businesses, especially as the landscape evolves so quickly, but how can we make sure that we are designing what they really need ? How do we design for an inclusive customer experience ? Christine shares her expertise and insight on how to embark on this journey of inclusive customer design.

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • Data insight is critical for knowing where to start
  • Embracing new technology and new ways of working to foster inclusivity
  • Focus on reducing exclusion, eliminating weak points and barriers in order to promote inclusion & innovation
  • Organisations must actively listen to customers, understand their differences and adapt to them
  • Commitment to this cause must be demonstrated at the most senior levels and be seen as a constantly evolving priority of any inclusive organisation
  • capabilities must be built over time

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