The spirit of transformation with Katja Rehse

“it is about enabling a bigger version of ourself…People are only in their head, not in their heart and solar plexus.”

Katja and I delve into the world of purpose, spirituality and business, looking at demystifying the subject and exploring how we can connect more effectively to our inner wisdom.

We explore the concept of “universal intelligence” and the importance of personal beliefs, connecting with unseen energies, and uncovering internal strengths. Katya shares her journey from the corporate world to spiritual work, stressing the significance of challenging assumptions and being open-minded.

In an age where the rush of everyday life often drowns out our inner voices, we discuss the positive impact of spirituality in corporate environments by fostering sensitivity, awareness, and intuition, while also encouraging individuals to explore their spiritual capacities and seek guidance for personal development. Letting go and letting things unfold creates a conducive environment, which is necessary both professionally and personally, but even the education system frames emotions and sensibilities as weaknesses.

katja shares her personal story and insights from her journey from the corporate world to spiritual work, and how important it is in today’s busy and interconnected world to really connect to something bigger than us.

The main insights you will get from this episode are :

–      Spiritual is defined variously as believing in a greater power to connect to if we choose or believing in the existence of something beyond the physical and material world; it is not linked to religious or esoteric beliefs.

–      This ‘power’ will not harm us, but help us by adding to our thoughts, emotions and sensitivity; helping us to develop our sixth sense; giving us access to the invisible; and teaching us as we become part of our ‘spirit team’, which is not static, but changes over time.

–      It makes us aware of our unused capabilities and our own immense potential and enables us to exchange with our physical dimension (e.g. in the form of plants, animals) but also with another dimension, as it all revolves around energy, which is everywhere and can change everything.

–      The spiritual world depends on personal parameters but is commonly known as ‘God force’, the ‘divine’, or ‘universal intelligence/consciousness’ – the key to accessing it to remain open, flexible and tolerant in the absence of scientific proof (today).

–      Connecting to something bigger is a hot topic at the moment in terms of having purpose – it keeps us humble and makes us realise that we don’t know everything. We must listen to what is said/not said and tune into the different energies around us.

–      The corporate and spiritual worlds are compatible, e.g. in terms of leading with purpose, sensitivity and empathy, as healing and mediumship help us improve on all levels, understand ourselves better, and realise how big we are (many environments, e.g. corporate, make/keep us small).

–      Orientation and guidance are helpful in both private and professional lives, giving us increased sensitivity and awareness, raising our consciousness of our own value, helping us validate ourselves, granting us inner freedom and wellbeing to overcome challenges and leave our comfort zones.

–      Talking about spirituality openly brought more positive reactions than expected. The law of attraction means that people who want or need it will come, and a grounded vision of mediumship and healing helps blend the spiritual life with ‘normal’ life.

–      Own experience of the spiritual world guided Katja to the truth, reduced her resistance to negative feelings and left her intrigued but not afraid – this curiosity in turn led to learning, (re)training, taking a calculated risk and ultimately being far more fulfilled.

–      Her business is made operational by: * intuitive coaching; * spiritual healing for emotional and physical issues (but always in support of and never instead of conventional medicine); * evidential consultations (communication with loved ones in the spiritual world); * personal development tools (intuitive reading, mind-to-mind/soul-to-soul connection for personal challenges/issues); * spiritual guidance (mediumistic connection); * spirit-inspired auragraphs based on spirit art; * conferences/workshops to teach mediumship (as everyone has the innate capacity).

–      Working with/exchanging energy means it can be done anywhere in the world (via screen) as there are no geographical boundaries; open questions work better as there are no ‘answers’ or predictions for the future.

–      It is a powerful and transformative process that enables belief in oneself, overcoming fears, and silencing the inner critic to reveal our true self and true capabilities in all our imperfections.

–      Letting go and letting things unfold creates a conducive environment, which is necessary both professionally and personally, but even the education system frames emotions and sensibilities as weaknesses.

–      Empathy is not valued in society, and is mostly displaced by logic and reason, yet personal development is required both to be a good medium and a good manager! People are only in their head, not in their heart and solar plexus.

–      The more we can bring about this shift in both organisations and society, the more we can build bridges between the two worlds to take people further in life – being a leader is also about the way you lead your life and the inner work you do.

–      The best way to find that deeper connection is to seek a professional spiritual guide who understands the ethics of the mechanisms of mediumship – fostering a trusting relationship with the guide will open the door and send out signals for the spiritual world to work with you.

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