Beyond Agile : organisational and individual transformation with Otti Vogt

The maturity of an organisation can never transcend the maturity and consciousness of its leaders..

In this episode of Let’s talk Otti and I have a great discussion about the “fifth revolution”. We discuss transforming leadership for the 21st century, ambidextrous organisations, and the ability of agile organisations to respond more effectively and more resiliently. Looking at the effects of this crisis, which has caused us all to pause and reflect on our definitions of success, we also discuss the notion of more human centric and purposeful organisations, where the need to develop moral agency to continually evaluate what we’re doing, who we are and what we want to be is key.. happiness goes way beyond the bottom line. 

Otti shares his wealth of insight, experience and thought leadership on these important subjects. 

The main insights you will get from this episode :

  • sustainable transformation requires continuous self-adaptation by an organisation, its leaders and its employees: this means embracing learning and focussing on a human-centred approach to change
  • ‘ambidextrous’ organisations must be able to improve whilst exploring new avenues, thereby fostering creativity and challenging the status quo (cf. deliberately developmental organisations, DDO)
  • COVID has brought about both analysis of and modification to structures, but it has also drawn attention to the importance of resilience and purpose alongside the issue of digital acceleration
  • digital technology has brought increased flexibility yet also fatigue, blurred boundaries and communication difficulties, and a balance must be struck during this constantly evolving situation
  • self-organised leadership must invest in the growth and wellbeing of its individuals to really build an agile community that both collaborates with and cares for all stakeholders
  • the old adage of success being defined by ascending the linear career path must make way for transpersonal leadership that creates value and sets great store by moral agency
  • regenerative and interdependent models of leadership are mindful of core values and support co-elevation – attributes that will be essential in the ‘next normal’ (during and post-COVID)
  • a ‘humanocracy’ would enable us to find kindness and compassion in the workplace, to change the culture and allow everyone to be and feel involved and valued, functioning as one for the benefit of all
  • the present and future call for emotional intelligence; we must reconsider who we are and what we do, reflect and grow and look after ourselves and each other – happiness goes beyond the bottom line

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