Designing for Inclusion

Thumbnail Moments of Insight March 2021

One of my reflections from 2020, and from the experience of creating, leading and coaching virtual tribes and supporting organisations through the minefield of how to stay connected, engaged and productive has been to hone in on the importance of human systems in creating sustainable transformation, and the importance of deliberately designing for inclusion. Never has this topic been more important, as we move into a new workspace where we need to rebalance our habits, our operating models and our approach to the employee experience.

This first edition is dedicated to designing for inclusion. Inclusion is not a new topic and everyone’s definition is different. Therefore the definitions of inclusion vary, but often the actions do not. I created this moments of insight  series to start a dialogue on these specific topics but also to collate input from engaged leaders and changemakers across the globe, in order to further understanding of the subject, offer different perspectives and use our collective insight to create change.

I hope you enjoy the insights and learnings brought together in this first edition

Suzie Lewis

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