Building powerful communities

Moments of insight July

In this edition, we look at the insights and inputs on the topic of building powerful communities.

Building powerful communities

This topic should really be everyone’s preoccupation as we search for a sound way forward to gain competitive advantage and for more ethical and human ways of working. 

We hear a lot about the concepts of well-being, inclusion and leadership to cite just a few, but making these a reality is a whole different ball game. 

This is the hard work and nitty gritty of getting right inside the human legacy systems and understanding human relationships and what they can bring to current corporate culture. They should definitely not be seen as an ‘add on’, but as a starting point to go further. 

This edition is about how this is regarded in organisations today and how we can operationalise the seemingly ’simple’ action of creating communities, where ego is at a minimum and thriving is the word that most people would use to describe the environment in which they find themselves/work. If this is not the case, then we should intentionally design for these outcomes and constantly challenge the status quo.

Suzie Lewis

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