Suzie Lewis

Keynote Speaking

Transmitting my energy and communicating my passion and knowledge is key for creating new ideas. While many talk about transformation, I create interactive and fun sessions for memorable learning.

Inspiration is the starting point for all sustainable transformation, be it personal or collective, and hearts and minds are therefore front and centre.

Bringing enthusiasm, fun and passion to every event, I deliver actionable and practical approaches to creating sustainable change, customised to my audience. I present on a wide range of transformation-related topics such as diversity, inclusion, digital transformation, agile leadership and human-centric culture, to build collective intelligence and create a more inclusive and collaborative human experience for the future of work.

With over 20 years’ experience to draw on, as well as learnings from working with clients across the globe, I like to engage in an authentic, personal and fun way on these pivotal topics both virtually and in person.

Group Conference

Inclusive leadership


Collective intelligence

Connecting people

Sustainable transformation

Design for Inclusion

Digital culture

Organisational change

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